Expelling refugee

Korea has turned its back on a famous asylum seeker. (We decided to withhold his identity for fear of his being further persecuted). His plea to be sent to a third country was also denied, so he was deported to Pakistan on July 29 and his supporters here have lost contact with him. They fear the worst because he promised to get in touch with them. He was a self-proclaimed and court-denied member of the Balochistan National Movement and was on the blacklist of Karachi’s feared Inter-Services Intelligence.

Source: Expelling refugee

Creditors reject lifeline for Hanjin Shipping

The state-run Korea Development Bank (KDB) and other creditors of Hanjin Shipping agreed on Tuesday not to extend fresh loans to the debt-ridden shipper, pushing it to the brink of court receivership. Officials from KDB and KEB Hana Bank said creditors unanimously decided to stop supporting the nation’s largest shipping line at a meeting as the shipper’s self-rescue program was not viable enough for the creditors to keep the company afloat.

Source: Creditors reject lifeline for Hanjin Shipping